Hotel Sunrise is a 3 star category hotel and is situated at one of the best areas in and around Sawargashram, Rishikesh - the Yoga Capital of the World, a serene and peaceful locale away from the main highway. Each deluxe room at Hotel Sunrise offers breath taking views of the Himalayan Hills and a private quiet balcony area to relax, sip a cup of tea or just read a book to the sound of the wind kissing the hills. Hotel Sunrise which suits it. It takes just 2 minutes casual walk to reach the banks of Holy Ganges from the Hotel.

A complete transformation of the hotel gives a splendor look and rooms are luxurious & comfortable. The hotel has been identified as a benchmark of clean and most modern and well furnished rooms with friendly & courteous staff. Hotel Sunrise takes pride in offering its guests, national/international, a perfect & peaceful heavenly abode. It has the honor of serving many distinguished guests who appreciated for its hospitality. The special feature of Hotel Sunrise is that it suits budget, requirement. We are well known for hospitality, quality accommodation & courteous reception. The sacred Ganges River pours luminous blue-green from the Shivalik Hills on her journey to the plains.

It is easy to see why Rishikesh (Lord Vishnu) was named 'Lord of the Senses' and why Uttarakhand, the state in which it lies, is known as DevBhumi - 'Land of the Gods'.

City of pilgrimage for Indians and Westerners alike, Sawargashram - Rishikesh is where the famous Beatles came to find a meaning to life with the Maharishi and stayed long enough to write over 50 songs! Many travelers still follow in their footsteps to de-stress learn yoga, study ancient philosophy and spirituality. Beatles ashram is only at 10 minutes walking distance from Hotel Sunrise.

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